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Are you tired of living a 9-5 pm rat race? Not having enough time and money to do what is important in your life?

Have you ever thought of making serious money online from just two things: a laptop, and an internet connection?

How you can turn your knowledge, experience and passion into a passive income?

If you want to have more time free time, more money, and have a much happier and fulfilling lifestyle, we have a system that you can replicate to build a successful online business.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the most profitable niches that you can tap into.
  • How to use these simple, but proven 5 steps to build your lucrative online business.
  • Different ways of traffic generation to drive hundred and thousands of targeted subscribers.
  • How to runs your online business on autopilot so that you can have lifestyle freedom.

The Internet Business

You don't have to create, own, store or deliver the product you are selling. You also no need to handle any processing orders and payments as all of these will be handled by the merchant. However, you are earning a commission whenever a sale is made.

There are many products in many niches in the market. You are not required to expertise or specialist in any niche you choose in order to make great money.

#2 Low Startup Cost

All you need to start an online business is a domain name ($10/year), a web hosting ($100/year) and an autoresponder email service ($20/month). Contrary to traditional business, it doesn't require overhead cost and huge startup capital. It is a no or very low risk opportunity.

#3 24-Hour Operation

Your business is running on 24/7/365. It means that you can make money while you are sleeping. This allows you to have maximum freedom and flexibility.

Once the system is set up, it will run on autopilot, you just have to sit back and rake in all the profits.

#4 High Income Potential

There are many affiliate product commission payouts are as high as 75%. Yes, you can actually earn more than the product's owner, when it comes to digital products such as ebook, softwares, and membership sites because the production costs of them are almost zero. After your first business is set up and automated, you can expand into another new niche to reap the rewards. There is no limit you can earn, it is all depend on your income target.

How The System Works

  • 1

    Choose a profitable niche

    The first step venturing into affiliate marketing is to find a niche. There are tools available you can use to perform market research. This is the most important step, because this is where you would be devoting months of effort to something that make you money.

  • 2

    Create Your Free Gift

    After you have chosen your niche and affiliate product to promote, you continue by creating contents related to your niche for your free gift. This free gift would be offered to your site visitor as a "bait" in exchange for their email address.

  • 3

    Build A Lead Capture Site

    Having decided your niche, you can start building your website with an opt-in form on it. You’re probably thinking that it is difficult for you to make one. Don’t worry, these days there are a lot of website building tools available that make it a lot less daunting to build a professional looking website. it’s pretty much easy to get a website online now, even if you do not have the technical skill.

  • 4

    Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Site

    Now you’ve got all the pieces you need to start earning money from your money-making machine. All you need to do is to get visitors to your website, and your money-making machine will do the rest. There are a lot of ways for getting traffics, from advertising to social media marketing.

  • 5

    Send Commercial Newsletter To Your Subscribers

    After people subscribe through your website and become your email leads, they’ll be added to a trusted database, which is called an autoresponder. With such, you will be able to automatically send out emails to all your new leads once they claimed for your free offer. The autoresponder helps you manage your email lists and drip-feeds them the right email at the right interval time.

Get The Training and Tools


The foolproof step-by-step blueprint to becoming a successful affiliate. Easy to follow video series make sure anyone can get started making money online. This is suitable for you if you want to cut down the "trial and error" failures and want to get it right the first time.


The ready-made website allow you to start earning money almost instantly. All the hard works like quality contents, copies and graphics have been done for you. This is perfect for you if you don't have enough time sourcing contents and building your site.


It is an analytic tool that you can use to study the performance of your website from the data and report it populated.

See What They Say...

Adjia Hakem

"The best thing about AffiloJetpack is that everything is done for you, and all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your sites. It doesn't get any easier than that! It cuts out the confusion and analysis paralysis that stops newbies taking action. Even if you're a complete newbie you can set up a profitable site in no time."

Adjia Hakem, UK
Joshua S.

"AffiloJetpack is well worth the investment. The quality of the content is top-notch, and you get just about all you need in order to dive into a niche of your choosing. It saves you time so you can concentrate on more important stuff — like promotion.

AffiloJetpack has supportive staff and a great community in the forums, and amazing content that has true value. It's well worth the money, and I highly recommend it."

Joshua S., Malaysia
Brian Jackway

"The things I like most about AffiloJetpack are the step-by-step instructions, and the friendly support from the Affilorama team, who actually care. I also love that I'm given niches that have been tested and already proven to be successful -- it really cuts down on trial and error.

I would definitely recommend AffiloJetpack because it is so comprehensive, but also easy to follow. It is one of the best internet marketing and affiliate courses in the world, from an ethical marketer (Mark Ling) and his team."

Brian Jackway, Australia

Still Not Convinced?


If you’ve followed through our system and done exactly what we ask you to do but you’re still not getting good result, simply email us within 60 days of purchase and ask for your money back.

What do you have to lose? Nothing, so for next 60 days, try out the entire system, if you’ve tried our strategies and given them a fair go but you don’t see good result, I’d like you to email us and we’ll refund your money 100%.

It's your time to take action. Get your training and tools NOW!

We look forward to empowering you with the right system in order for you to make a successful business online.

Wish You Success,

Joanna Lock